Ground School

Colgan Air Services Private Pilot Ground School is designed to assist the student in preparing for the FAA Private Pilot Written Exam. Some of the benefits of participating in ground school include increased knowledge of safe air travel and learning from highly experienced instructors who will prepare you to pass your written exam.

Throughout your training, you will learn the concepts of airplane systems, flight planning, weather and aerodynamics through lecture, coursework and the use of video. The course lasts for an 8-week period and meets twice a week during the evenings. In addition, the course will be held approximately once every season.

Colgan Air Services incorporates the Jeppessen Private Pilot manuals in conjunction with FAA issued reference books. Our fee for the course is $250 plus materials, which can be obtained at Colgan Air Services.

There are many ways to sign up! You can stop into Colgan Air or call our Customer Service Representative. You may also fill out the convenient form below. The only thing left to do is to purchase your supplies and pay for the class one week prior to the first class.  We look forward to having you in our class!

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  1. What are a few of the topics that are taught in Ground School?

    Topics included principle of lift, gravity, drag control, airspeed and basic instrumentation of the aircraft.

  2. Is taking Ground School a requirement for a private pilot’s license?

    No, it is not. It is designed to assists the student in preparing for the FAA Private Pilot written exam. However, there are benefits to attending the class. It will increase your knowledge of safe air travel and you will be learning from highly experienced instructors who will help you prepare for your exam.

  3. Do you offer Ground School for your instrument rating?

    Yes, but they are not as frequent, so call our customer service representative to receive more details.

  4. How often is Ground School offered?

    Colgan Air Services offers Ground School about every season depending on class size. It is conducted twice a week, typically Monday and Wednesday evenings, over an 8-week period.

  5. What equipment or books are used in the class?

    Colgan Air Services uses the Jeppesen Private Pilot Kit, which includes a Private Pilot Textbook, Maneuvers Manual, Practical Test Standards, Practical Test Study Guide, FAA Airmen Knowledge Test Guide, Presolo Written Exam, FAR/AIM Manual, E6B, PN-1 Navigation Plotter and a logbook. Call our receptionist for pricing.

  6. How is the class conducted?

    The class is taught through a series of lectures and discussions with the instructors often incorporating the students in the lessons. Instructors frequently use videos and power point presentations to further explain a point. During lessons covering aircraft components and parts, the instructor takes students to an actual aircraft to show hands-on where each part is located. All in all, the class is taught through many different methods that help the students attain the material.


“I expected the course to be a bit dry considering the material. However, it was far from it and the instructors covered all of the material well. I had a blast!”

“Doing the ground school while training was very appropriate. It helped me understand the whole picture.”

“Met and exceeded my expectations. The instructors taught the lessons very well and presented the information in an easy to understand way.”

“You have a great team of instructors!”

“I know the instructor put a lot of time into preparing for the class. He worked hard to make it relevant and enjoyable.”

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