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Employment Opportunities

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Employees are Colgan Air’s biggest asset.

If you prefer a job where no two days are the same and enjoy the excitement of aviation, then Colgan Air could be a great match for you.

Certified Flight Instructor (Part-Time or Full-Time)

Primary Operational Objectives:

Instructs student pilots in flight procedures and techniques and in ground school courses.

Essential Job Functions:

  • Develops and prepares course outlines, study materials, and instructional procedures for students enrolled in basic, advanced, or instrument ground school.
  • Lectures on various subjects such as aircraft construction, federal aviation regulations, and radio navigation.
  • Demonstrates operation of various aircraft components and instruments, and techniques for controlling aircraft during maneuvers, such as taxiing, takeoff, and landing, using synthetic instrument trainers.
  • Observes student’s actions during training flights to ensure assimilation of classroom instruction and to comply with federal aviation regulations.
  • Tests and evaluates students’ progress, using written and performance tests and oral interviews.
  • Other duties may be assigned.

How To Apply:

Please submit a resume to Colgan Air Services, 2709 Fanta Reed Rd., La Crosse, WI 54603 or email a resume to kcolganhammen@colgan-air.com.

CJ2 Captain and First Officer

Colgan Air Services is currently seeking an experienced, highly motivated and hard working CJ2 Captain and First Officer. The full-time position will be operating under Part 91.

The candidate should have extensive knowledge of pilot and flight operations, FAA regulations, Standard Operating Procedures, aircraft flight manuals and other technical data appropriate to aircraft operations.

The ideal candidate would have experience in planning and managing the safe operation of flights in accordance with aircraft and weather limitations, ensuring aircraft is inspected, loaded and equipped properly, and ensuring compliance and adaptation with the demands of a flexible flight schedule when necessary.

Position requires strong communication, flexible work schedule, the ability to travel and conducting oneself in a professional and respectful manner that personifies our company’s values.

Requirements include:

FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate with CJ2 type or equivalent rating, preferred
FAA First Class medical certificate
FCC Radio License

Required Hours of Flight Time for Captain Position:
-3,000 hours total time
-500 hours multi-engine time
-500 hours turbine time

Required Hours of Flight Time for Copilot Position:
-2,000 hours total time
-500 hours multi-engine time

Must pass all drug screens, background and security checks and prove eligibility for employment in the United States.
Excellent listening and problem solving skills.
Ability to work as part of a team or independently.
Ability to act under pressure and be adaptable to change on a constant basis.
Primarily domestic travel but must be able to travel internationally without restrictions.
Aircraft based out of La Crosse, WI. Must relocate if necessary.

*Benefits include paid time off, sick time, medical/dental/life insurance, retirement plan and company match

Line Service Technician/Aircraft Refueler (Part Time/Weekends)

Essential Job Functions:

  • Line Service Technicians are responsible for fueling, towing and cleaning of aircraft. A one-of-a-kind job!
  • This is a unique & exciting job opportunity that does not require experience to apply – On the job training provided
  • Perfect for college students to work around their school schedule
  • Competitive pay
  • Must be able to work weekends and some holidays
  • Shift schedules are: 5 am – 1 pm & 1 pm – 9 pm Monday-Friday, 5 am – 1 pm and 1 pm – 7 pm Saturdays and Sundays
  • Must have valid driver’s license and be able to pass a background check
  • Full time positions include medical, dental and life insurance, and retirement plan benefits

How To Apply:

Please submit a completed application to Colgan Air Services, 2709 Fanta Reed Rd., La Crosse, WI 54603 or email the completed application to kcolganhammen@colgan-air.com.

Line Service Technician/Aircraft Refueler (Full Time Monday-Friday 1 pm - 9pm)

Line Service Technicians are responsible for fueling, towing and cleaning of aircraft. This is a unique & exciting job opportunity that does not require experience to apply. On the job training provided!

Job Duties:

  • Performs fueling and de-icing of all types of aircraft in accordance to specific standards
  • Directs the movement of aircraft and vehicular traffic on the ramp properly secures all parked aircraft at all times, clean windshields, remove trash, perform lavatory service and check tire pressures as requested
  • Drives and services fuel trucks and ground support vehicles, and services aircraft and ground support vehicles with fuel, oil, and all other supplies and materials which may be required by the aircraft or vehicle; responsible for operating and filling of fuel trucks; cleaning, servicing, operating, and performing minor maintenance to this equipment
  • Performs grounds keeping and janitorial maintenance duties, and assist with snow removal as required
  • Assists all aircraft crews and passengers by courteously providing services they may require
  • Assist with daily fuel farm inspections including performing preloading and quality control inspections
  • Perform daily and monthly fuel truck safety inspections. Ensure vehicles are in safe operating order and running properly
  • Maintain compliance with all FAA, Federal, State, Local and Colgan Air safety policies and procedures

Position Information:

  • Shift Schedule: Monday – Friday, 1 pm – 9 pm
  • The position is physical, requires hands on work and involves being outside in all elements, all year round.
  • Extra hours available.
  • Competitive pay, incentives, tips, medical/dental benefits, paid time off, retirement plan etc.