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Mixing Helicopters and Fixed Wing Aircraft

Topic: Helicopter and Airplane operations in the Traffic Pattern and on the Airport Surface at Pilot Controlled Airports.

Date and Time: Monday, December 2, 2019, starting at 18:00

Speaker(s): Levi Eastlick, Hal Davis, Jurg Grossenbacher

Brief Description: Helicopter pilots are required to “avoid the flow” of fixed wing traffic when operating at uncontrolled airports. That’s not as simple as it sounds and the pathway to avoiding an accident is grounded in compliance with traffic pattern rules and efficient communications. This presentation is oriented for both fixed and rotary wing pilots.

The presentation format is a guided discussion and participation from the attendees is strongly encouraged.

The presenters are Levi Eastlick, Wisconsin Bureau of Aeronautics, Hal Davis, Airport Compliance Manager, Wisconsin Bureau of Aeronautics and Jurg Grossenbacher, FAASTeam Program Manager, Milwaukee FSDO.

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